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Planetary Footprint Tracking App

Greener is my UX Project as part of the 3-month course I took at General Assembly SF. The primary user's goal is to see how their consumptions affect the environment and learn how to make improvements. In the process of competitive research, I discovered that most competitors require users to input their daily activities, which is very time-consuming. Carbon footprint calculator and measurement apps are complicated to understand. The average user is not able to see his impact easily, and competitors do not reward the users, which would encourage them to want to return to the app and use it daily. My project goal is for users to connect their financial accounts, track their consumption habits, gain insight into their planetary footprint, and see how well they are doing overtime. The interviews I had with potential users made me aware that they were focusing on one specific issue, e.g., saving water or recycling. However, they were unaware of other issues that affect the environment. I have also conducted an observational study of my focus group, which has made me aware of how people behave when it comes to recycling, purchasing fashion, and their utility usage. 

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