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Video debates and discussions

June 2020

Prototype Coming Soon




Wirlix is a video-based mobile application designed to redefine the way people talk about current events.


The problem

63% of people say there are no content sources they can trust. In addition, 66% say internet media & content is dividing people. 

The solution

Building a social group that provides people the chance to discuss today's most controversial topics with people who think differently and engage in healthy discussions.

Project Goal 

Engage people to discuss and share thoughts about current events on a video-based social platform.

UX Research

To better understand the problem and the struggles people face in today's social media society, I conducted interviews with several young adults who use different social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
These are some of the questions I was trying to answer:

Are people having trouble communicating their beliefs?
Do they disrespect people with different views?
Are they surrounded by people who think like them and don’t get a fair chance to listen to people with different beliefs?


Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 10.03.08
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I tested competitor’s applications to learn the user preferences and strengthen my ability to gauge the efficacy of different design choices.

I spotted which features competitors have that users really like and where they’re lacking. Watching users complete basic tasks such as searching, navigating, and posting helped me discover pain points and frustration and avoid those mistakes when designing the Wirlix application.




I sketched out possible solutions to explore different layouts. Sharing sketches helped to collaborate with the whole team, resulting in shared understanding and alignment from start to finish.



Based on my sketches, I created a low-fidelity prototype. This process helped me understand the whole app structure and reveal initial usability pain points and frictions. 



We tested out a few different versions of the application to validate design choices early on and help shape better experiences. This process discovered the user's strengths and weaknesses and guided me with future design decisions.

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