Therapy from your mobile app

August 2015


Talk is my first UX/UI project as part of a UX design class in Tel Aviv.


Since I studied psychology at the time I thought it would be interesting to find out how people are feeling about psychology and if there are any potentially sets of problems. I started by doing research, I listen to many people's problems regarding psychology and thought of some solutions.

Research primary takeaway

I discovered that people were having difficulty maintaining consistent therapy due to busy schedules.


Project goal

My goal was to help users maintain a consistent psychological therapy regardless of their location.

Moving Forward

There is still a lot more to explore with Talk. I hope to dig into this project again very soon to make adjustments and improvements


To understand the problem better, I created a brief that will include all of the issues that I found. I outlined the objectives without prescribing the solution.

I gave myself a specific deadline so that I could have a good work schedule.

Since dIdn't want to turn something down due to lack of time, so I allowed myself some flexibility.


After identifying the target audience, I thought the environment that the person using the app it will be in and created a few predictable scenarios.
The next step was to construct personas and customize several screen types to each persona scenario.



Product Designer