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Appointment Scheduling Mobile App

July 2016



Hila, a Beauty Clinic owner, was looking for a solution to help her clients schedule appointments and services with her business. Working with Hila's team on research and prototyping, I designed Q Snatch, which is an intuitive mobile app that allows users to find local health and beauty businesses and book services. The app will enable the various businesses to control their daily schedules from everywhere at any time as well as manage their employee's logs.



Defining the problem

Customers can't schedule time with businesses without spending time on unnecessary back-and-forth emails or over the phone. 



The primary user goal

Finding local health and beauty businesses and book a service.



User types

Business Administrator




We identified the following key features:

Service provider calendar management. Business owners will be operating on each employee calendar, managing customer meeting requests, and business settings.

Service provider workflow transparency and control. The employee will be viewing their calendar, the client who is booked for their service, and the client special requests.

Appointments requesting and scheduling. The client will be able to schedule appointments and make special requests.

Notifications. The clients will receive the following alerts:
Appointment approval.
Appointment cancellation request.
Appointment reschedules request.


While wireframing I had to take inventory of all the components that make up the navigation. I thought about how we want our users to interact with these components, making sure the user easily achieves the goal.



I sketched out possible solutions to the primary user goal, which helped me explore different layouts and test them on my team members and other potential users. Now I had some insights as to the actions I need to improve for my next steps.


I designed a sitemap around the paper prototyping testing conclusions.
Although the client had many features she wanted to include in the app, we had to narrow it down to two main user flows. The first one is for the client to schedule the appointment. And second on the business side to manage the appointments and services, they offer for the clients. 

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